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Southern Alberta Technology Council (SATC) is a non-profit organization based in Lethbridge, Alberta whose objectives are to promote educational interest and careers in science, technology and engineering in southwestern Alberta.

SATC programs create opportunities for learning that go beyond the classroom.  Hands-on activities and interaction with enthusiastic experts who work in science-related fields combine to inspire creative thought, and a sense of wonder.  Inquisitive minds want to know!  For older students, a certain curiosity may develop into a life-long interest, and perhaps an inspired career choice.

SATC Board of Directors

Vacant fall 2018, President
Dr. Locke Spencer, Vice President and Board Chair
Danielle Gibson, Secretary/Treasurer
Carey-Lyn Holt, Director
Stephanie Monteith, Director
Taylor Sheahan, Director 

The Southern Alberta Technology Council is proud to have been the host organization for CANADA-WIDE SCIENCE FAIR 2013.  For more information or to view photos please visit:

The Southern Alberta Technology Council (CWSF Host Committee) was a proud honouree for the 2013 ASTECH AWARDS (Public Awareness) for our collaborative effort in hosting CWSF 2013.   See the VIDEO here:   ASTech 2013 Honouree.

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